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Treaty of Mangalore Seringapatam

It was signed by Tipu on the one hand and the English and their allies (Nizam and the Peshwa) on the other. The Treaty stipulated that:

  • The earlier treaties between the English and the rulers of Mysore stood confirmed.
  • Tipu was to cede half his territories where where to be shared among the three allies.
  • Tipu was to make immediate payment of Rs 1.6 crore out of the total indemnity agreed upon (Rs 3.6 crore) while the remainder (2 crore) was to be given in three instalments.
  • Tipu was also to order the release of all prisoners of war.
  • Pending fulfilment of these terms two of his sons were to be detained as British hostages.

    In terms of territory, the Nizam obtained the lion's share while the Marathas also extended their boundary to the Tungabhadra and the Krishna. The English secured large chunks on the Malabar Coast from the north of Cannaore to the south of the Ponanni River with Coorg as its defensive hinterland. In addition they obtained the Baramahal district as well as Dindigul.