Renaissance Music

Throughout Renaissance the art was largely dominated by Christian Church which in early period was tender and humane. The spirit of Humanism prevailed in painting but the subject matter was distinctly Christian. Paintings known as frescoes were painted on plaster walls.Oil painting were also invented. Renaissance painting bloomed in Italy. A number of painters hold a prominent place in the pre-Renaissance period but they were overshadowed by the brilliance of Michael Angelo, Raphaell and Leonardo Da Vinci who are considered as the most dominant figures among the painters. Besides them, Albrecht Durer and Holbein of Germany, Velasquez, Murillo and El Graeco of Spain and Rubbens and Van of Holland were other renowned painters of the Renaissance Era. The Renaissance sculptors studied the human body thoroughly and knew how the muscles and joints worked so that they could make their figures more life-like. A famous sculptor Ghiberti made the doors for the Baptistery at Florence. The huge statues of David, Moses and the Pieta chiseled out by Michael Angelo are superb masterpieces.