History of Renaissance

The term Renaissance denotes a new age in the history of western civilization at the end of the middle ages though its literal meaning is rebirth or revival of classical learning and arts. It stands for an intellectual, literary, artistic and scientific movement. The Renaissance was a great movement of European history that began in Italy in the mid 14th century and spread to northern Europe by the 16th century. It began in Italy as it was the centre of the ancient Roman civilization. East-west trade made Italian cities very prosperous and the rise of a large middle class with a secular attitude towards life. The Italian princes and Popes extended patronage to art and culture. The main causes for the origin of Renaissance were the influence of philosophers and thinkers such as Roger Bacon, Albertus Magnus, Thomas Aquinas and Dante etc. Scientific developments especially the invention of the mechanical clock and printing press. Rise of towns and the middle classes due to commercial revolution.