Hyder Ali

Haider Ali came to power in 1761 but he continued to recognize Krishna Raja as the lawful ruler of Mysore.He conquered several territories –Coorg,Malabar,Bellary,Cuddapah etc.His administrative reforms made Mysore one of the leading Indian powers.He fought against British in Ist and IInd Mysore Wars.

Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan succeeded Haider Ali in 1785 and fought against British in III and IV Mysore wars.He brought great changes in the administrative system.He introduced modern industries by bringing foreign experts and extending state support to many industries.

He sent ambassadors to many countries for establishing foreign trade links.He introduced new system of coinage,new scales of weight and new calendar.

He tried to increase the state income by abolition of the Jagir system and reducing the hereditary possessions of the feudal chiefs. He tried to check illegal collection of taxes from the peasants.Tipu Sultan organized the infantry on the European lines and tried to built modern navy.