Shuja-ud-Dhaula ascended the throne of Awadh as well as wazirship of Mughal Empire in 1754.He had fought against British in Battle of Buxar in 1764 but has to concede Allahabad and Kara. He had to pay huge indemnity to the British. Under Lord Hastings he was forced to sign Treaty of Benaras in 1773.In this treaty, British got the right to station their armies in Awadh for his protection. He defeated Rohillas with the help of British and annexed Rohillakand to Awadh in 1774.


Asaf-ud-Dhaula signed Treaty of Faizabad with British in 1775.Under this treaty,they will not encourage their peasants in committing hostilities.

Nawab would not entertain Mir Qasim.

Nawab gave British authority over all the districts.

Nawab would pay 2.6 lakh per month for maintaining the British army.

Wajid Ali Shah

Lord Dalhousie annexed Awadh in 1856 and pensioned off the Nawab to Calcutta.