Lord Minto (1807- 1813)

  • Sent Mission of Malcom to Persia and the Elphinstone to Kabul.
  • Treaty of Amritsar with Ranjit Singh which extended the British rule up to the river Satluj.
  • End of the first stage of British relations with the Indian princes which was based on self-defence and friendly alliances.
  • Charter Act of 1813.
  • Importation of slaves into India was stopped.
  • Sir John Strachey the finance member of the viceroy council tried to equalize the rates of salt duties in the British provinces.
  • The famine of 1876-1878.
  • The British parliament passed the Royal Titles Act investing Queen Victoria with the title of Kaiser-i-hind or Queen Empress of India.
  • Introduced the gold standard into the monetary system.