Lord Canning

Lord Canning served in India between 1856-1858 as Governor general and between 1858-1862 as Viceroy. Some of the major events during Lord Canning's period were:

  • Doctrine of lapse was withdrawn. The policy towards Indian states changed from Subordinate isolation to Subordinate Union.
  • Indigo revolt 1859-1860
  • White mutiny by European troops in 1859
  • Establishment of three universities at Calcutta, Madras and Bombay.
  • Indian Council Act 1861. The imperial legislative council came into existence after the act.
  • Indian High court Act 1861 introduced judicial reforms and reorganized the police department.
  • The recommendations of the Police Commission led to the Indian Police Act of 1861.
  • Indian Civil Services Act 1861 theoretically opened the services to all subjects but exams only in London.
  • 1863 Satyendra Nath Tagore became the first Indian to qualify for the Civil Services.
  • Introduced the portfolio system of cabinet in the Indian Council Act of 1861.
  • Set up forest dept for utilization of forest resources.
  • General Service Enlistment Act was passed in 1856.
  • Issued the Queen’s Proclamation at a durbar in Allahabad on Nov 1 1858 by which the British crown assumed direct responsibility for the administration of the country.

The proclamation restored the right of the Princes to adopt their heirs.

The Bengal Rent Act removed some of the defect of the Permanent Settlement.