First Carnatic War(1749-54)

The First Carnatic War was the extension of the Anglo- French War in Europe. The Austrian Wars of Succession broke out in 1740 as a result hostilities also broke out in India in 1746.The English navy under Barnett took the offensive when it captured some French ships.Dupleix the French Governor General of Pondicherry sent an urgent appeal for help to La Bourdonnais the French governor of Mauritus.The result was that La Bourdonnais hastened to India with a fleet and reached the Coromondal Coast in 1746.The French and British squadrons faced each other for some time but the English squadrons left for Ceylon after some time. Dupleix asked La Bourdonnais to siege Madras.

In the ensuing battle the English fleet was defeated and Madras was captured by the French. The First Carnatic War is memorable for the battle of St Thome fought between the French and the Indian forces of Anwaruddin and the Nawab of Carnatic.The French won the battle with their superior general ship of Dupleix. The First Carnatic War came to an end with the end of hostilities in Europe.

The treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle brought the Austrian war of succession to an end. Under the terms of the treaty Madras was handed back to the English. Dupleix had proved his superiority in skill and diplomacy. The English had failed to defend Madras and unsuccessfully conducted the land cum sea operations against Pondicherry. This war had adequately brought out the importance of naval power as an important factor in Anglo-French conflict in the Deccan.