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Second Anglo-Sikh War (1848-1849)

The Sikhs considered their defeat in the first Sikh War a great humiliation. They had been accustomed to victories in the time of Ranjit Singh and this defeat gave a rude shock to their pride. The Sikhs wanted to restore the fallen fortunes of their kingdom. Lord Gough the British Commander in Chief reached Lahore with the grand army of Punjab. Multan surrendered in 1849 and the Sikhs suffered a defeat at Chillianwala a few weeks later. The final and decisive battle was won by the English at Gujarat and the whole of Punjab surrendered.

The war came to an end by the treaty of Lahore which was signed in 1846.This treaty left the Sikhs with no capacity for resisting the English. Another treaty was made with Sikhs in 1846 this treaty is known as Second treaty of Lahore or the treaty of Bhairowal.