Treaty of Surji Anjangaon (1803)

Concluded on December 30, 1803 Sindhia by this treaty agreed to

  • Cede all territory between the Ganga and the Yamuna.
  • Give up his control over the imperial cities of Delhi and Agra as well as the Rajput states.
  • Have an accredited minister at his court.
  • Surrender parts of Bundelkhand, Ahmadnagar, Broach and territories west of the Ajanta hills.
  • Accept the treaty of Bassein.
  • Renounce all claims on the Peshwa, the Mughal emperor, the Nizam, the Gaikwad and the English Company and to accept the latter as a sovereign authority.
  • Not to employ in his service any European without the consent of the British.
  • In return, the Company promised to
  • Provide Sindhia a force of 6 battalions of infantry, its expenses being defrayed from the revenues of lands ceded by him.
  • Restore to Bhonsle Asirgarh, Burhanpur, Powanghur and Dohud and territories in Kandesh and Gujarat depending on these forts.
By the supplementary treaty of Burhanpur (1804) the British agreed to support him with a subsidiary force.