Treaty of Salbai (1782)

Salbai located 32 kms to the South of Gwalior became the venue for a treaty signed between Mahadji Sindhia acting for the Peshwa Madhav Rao and the British in 1782 ending the First Anglo-Maratha War. The treaty stipulated that:

  • The company was to restore all territories captured by them including Bassein to the Peshwa and return to him and the Gaekwad territories taken in Gujarat.
  • Salsette and its three neighbouring islands as well as the city of Broach were to remain with the British.
  • Territories granted earlier to the Company by Raghunath Rao would be restored to the Marathas.
  • The Company was not to afford Raghunath Rao any support or protection.
  • The Peshwa was to make Haider Ali relinquish his claims to British territory.
  • Both parties were to abstain from attacking each other's allies while the Peshwa would neither support any other European power nor allow it to settle in his dominions without the English consent.
  • The Company's trade privileges were to be restored.
  • The Treaty secured peace with Marathas for 20 years