Course of World War II

The invasion of Poland by Germany and declaration of war on Germany by England and France.

Germany’s occupation of Denmark and Norway.

Defeat and surrender of France

Failure of Germany to subdue England

Invasion of USSR by Germany

Italy’s offensive against British in Egypt and invasion of Greece from Albania

Germany rushing to help Italy in the event of the failure

Japan’s success in efforts to extend her empire into a Greater East Asia

Japanese attack Pearl Harbour and Phillipines

USA enter the war from the Allies side.

1942 marked turn of tide for Allies.

Defeat of Germans by Americans in Battle of Midway.

Defeat of Germans and Italy by Allies in Africa and their explusion from Africa

Beginning of offensive by the Allies

Capture of Sicily and then Italy by Allies and surrender by Italy

Russian advance against the Germans on the eastern front

Massive build-up of allied forces on western front and their success in pushing Germans back and final surrender of Germans.

Allied reoccupation of Philippines and other south asian countries

Dropping of two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by America

Soviet invasion of Manchuria and final surrender of Japanese.