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Consequences of World War I

  • Cessation of nearly every sort of productive activity that contributed to military operations.
  • Destruction of industry and rising inflation.
  • Fall in production of food throughput world due to calling up of peasantry to fronts.
  • There was a permanent change in realm of finance with transferring of wealth from Europe to America.
  • Education and scientific work was restricted or diverted to fulfil the military needs of the nations.
  • Wide spread resentments and disillusionment with the compromises in treaties and continued violence in certain part of the world and mutual distrust between the victor nations.
  • Emergence of different kinds of movements such as an increasingly strong pacifist movement, violent nihilist movement.
  • Tremendous loss of human lives in the nations. Total causalities were 27 million out of which 8 million actually died in war.
  • Birth of number of independent European states and reorganization of boundaries of many old states.
  • Adoption of new set of ideologies by nations such as Marxism, Fascism and socialism.