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Balkan in First World War

Siberia was the most powerful state in Balkans. Siberia was looked upon as threat because Austria-Hungary wanted Siberia to be dealt with. Thus, they came up with a logical excuse to get rid of Siberia. This didn’t work as there were more Serbs than Austro-Hungarian. If Serbia was removed then there wouldn’t have a large population.

Balkan Causes of World War I

Nationalism, imperialism, militarism, assassination, alliance system and the Balkan problem caused this tragic event (war). The rivalry between the various European empires and their nationalistic movement lead to competition between each empire. This also led to the development of industrial, economic and social factors. This caused the invention of the new warfare which brought wealth. With the use of wealth, the empires developed their armed forces which is militarization. Militarization led to the war. Militarization is also the reason how the leaders started colonizing (imperialism) and increasing their empire. Through this, they gained power. This tells us how all these world causes are related to each other. In summary, nationalism is connected to militarism because with the help of weapons the empires protected themselves and their land from getting captured. Secondly, Militarism is connected to imperialism because all the empires used new weapons to conquer each land and expand their empire.