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Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution led to economic and social reconstruction in Russia. It was an intensification of the process which had weakened the autocracy after its defeat in the Crimean War and in the Russo-Japanese War. While the revolution traces its origin to large scale disillusionment of people with the Czars the immediate cause was the inability of the existing order to manage the world war. Russia had suffered massive damage with 5.5 million death and acute shortages of food.

There were two set of revolutionaries with liberal intelligentsia who believed that Russia could win the war and become a democratic republic and Bolsheviks who thought the imperialist war was already lost and wanted to overhaul the economy completely. This latter group was supported by social revolutionaries. The first group carried out the February Revolution and Bolsheviks the October Revolution.

  1. Causes of Russian Revolution
  2. The February Revolution
  3. The October Revolution
  4. Significance of Bolshevik Revolution