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Teachings of Jainism

Jainism taught five doctrines-
1. Non injury
2. Non lying
3. Non stealing
4. Non possession
5. Observe continence

It is said that only the 5th doctrine was added by Mahavira, the other four being taken over by him from previous teachers. The Jaina philosophy shows a close affinity to Hindu Samkhya philosophy. They ignore the idea of God and accept that the world is full of sorrows and believe in the theory of karma and transmigration of souls. In Jainism the devotees have been classified in five categories, in the descending order;

1. Tirthankara who has attained salvation
2. Arhat who is about to attain nirvana
3. Acharya the head of the ascetic group
4. Upadhaya,teacher or saint
5. Sadhu class which includes the rest

From the remaining 30 years Mahavira moved from one place to another and preached his religion. He founded a new sect called Jains.He also met Ajatashastru, the king of Magadha and is said to have converted him. At the age of 72 he attained Kaivalya (death) at Pavapuri near Patna in 468 BC.