Sangam Age Sources

The archaeological sources for the Sangam period are limited. They may be classified into Epigraphy, Excavation and Coins. The Ashokan edicts refer to the Chera, Chola and Pandya kingdoms. The Kalugumalai inscription helps us to know about Tamil Brahimi script. During the excavation at Adhichanallur large number of articles made of iron, bronze and gold were found which depicts the life during Sangam period. A Buddhist vihara was found at Kilaiyur near Kaveri Poompattinam.It belonged to the Post Sangam period. The Tamil kings of Sangam period issued gold and silver coins but they are limited. Roman coins made of gold and silver are found which confirms the trade relations between them and Rome during the Sangam age. Literacy source works like Tolkappiyan, Ettuthogai, Ettuhogal and Pattuppattu provide valuable information to know the history of the Sangam Age.