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Sources for Harsha's Period

Bana was the court poet of Harsha and the author of Harshacharita, Kadambari and Parvatiparinay. Hiuen Tsang was the Chinese pilgrim who visited India in the 7th century AD. Both deal with Harsha's wars and his reign. Harsha's dramas such as Ratnavali, Nagananda and Priyadarshika give us information about the political conditions in those days.

Nausasi Copper plate gives us information about Harsha's successful expedition against Valabhi. Madhuban plate Inscription dated 631 AD traces the genealogy of Harsha up to four generations. The Banskhera, Nalanda and Sonepat inscriptions of Harsha describe him as a worshipper of Siva. The Banskhera inscription shows that Harsha was an expert calligraphist.