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  *  Thank you! this is very useful for any competitive exam.

Venu Arangi

  *  Sir/Mam, my first optional is history. I have finished my study.i found your site most useful for preliminary examination.its very great site. But there are some links which are inactive or empty. Kindly fill that links. thanks so much for brilliant arrangement of vast data in mind blowing manner. If possible please add mains material too. Its just a suggestion. What is available is great but just expecting some more. Remaining upto you. thank you

Dipak Milind Pandit

  *  Think your notes on history is great.honestly,though it\''s not explaining everything minutely, the events in a chronological manner helps me to a considerable amount.i am looking forward for a better tools not just for the general reader,but especially for the serious student vying for competitive exams. please inform me