Lord Ripon (1880-1884)

Battle of Maiwand; Robert’s march to Kandhar and Abdur Rahman recognized as Amir of Kabul.
He became secretary of India in 1866-68.
Repealed the Vernacular Press Act 1882.
First Factory Act 1881
Financial Decentralization as the source of revenue was divided into three- Imperial,Provincial and Divided.
Resolution on Self-Government in 1882 called the father of local self government.
Modified Permanent Settlement .
Appointed Hunter Commission in 1882 to review the education.
Sir C.P Elbert was law member of the Viceroy Council introduced a bill on 2nd Feb 1883,the bill sought to abolish at once and completely every judicial disqualification based merely on racial discrimination.
In 1883 Famine code formulated.
First census of India in 1881 with 254 million population
Introduced the direct election for the first time in India.