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Iqtadari System

Iqtadari System was a combined mechanism of expropriating tax and distribution of these revenues to the ruling class. It was a kind of territorial assignment which was guided by three factors-
Collection of revenue,
Maintenance of army

Maintenance of the traditional system in order to prevent any untoward reaction.

The term Iqtadari system was coined by Nizamul Mulk to maintain smooth administration of the Abbassid Empire. The sultans of Delhi Sultanate like Balban,Iltutmish,Allauddin Khilji etc effectively used the Iqtadari system for their centralization of power. The Iqtadari system did not confer any ownership in land and it was subject to transfer.

The iqtadar had two functions to collect the revenues and distribution among the soldiers.It was a unique blend of expansion and consolidation.

The Iqtas were of 4 types:

  1. Iqta- It was administrative cum military grants
  2. Iqta-i-Tamlik- Iqta for collection of revenue
  3. Iqta-i-Istighatal-An Iqta of stipends
  4. Iqta-i-Waqf-Iqta for charitable purposes.