Treaty of Mandasor, Anglo Maratha wars, Indian war History

Treaty of Mandasor (1818)

It was concluded on January 6, 1818 by Malhar Rao Holkar II in the course of the third Anglo-Maratha war. Under its terms, Holkar agreed to:

  • Confirm a British commitment to the Pindari chief, Nawab Amir Khan and renounce all claims to territories guaranteed to him.
  • Cede in perpetuity to Raja Zalim Singh of Kotah the four paraganas rented by the Raja.
  • Cede to the British claims of tribute and revenues on the Rajas of Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kotah, Bundhi and Karauli.
  • Renounce all claims to territories within or north of the Bundi hills.